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About us

Located in Melbourne's eastern suburbs is Castle Printing (Vic) Pty. Ltd., a family owned and operated business established in 1991. Since its inception Castle Printing has focussed on high quality spot colour printing and numbering work.

Due to our experienced staff and specialist equipment, Castle Printing is in a position to offer its clients an accurate and prompt service at very competitive pricing.


We offer a comprehensive numbering service including crash and skip numbering (2-10 to view) as well as off - line perforating, scoring & top slitting (no grip margin required).

We can number on a variety of surfaces including Yupo, Vinyl, Tyvek, Matt & Gloss laminates and varnishes.

As we have an extensive amount of numbering equipment & specialty binding equipment we can offer very competitive pricing on items such as Raffle Tickets, Baggage Tags, Receipt coupons and all types of docket books & pads.

Pad Making

We are very competitive in the production of glue top pads due to our automated hot glue padding machine. Large volumes of pads can be produced in a fraction of the time taken by traditional cold glue methods. Automatic flagging while printing enables an accurate amount of sheets per pad.

Talk to us about your next padding project whether it be printed sheets supplied or fully produced by Castle Printing.

Bindery Work

Castle Printing stays competitive by utilising its range of highly productive bindery & finishing equipment such as high speed tower collating, single & multi head stitching, multi head drilling, computerised programmable guillotining, shrink wrapping and advanced binding techniques.

Whatever the job, Castle Printing is equipped to keep you competitive and on time!

Desktop Publishing

Utilising state of the art Macintosh computers and up to date software, Castle Printing can offer a full service for its clients whether it be creation of original artwork or manipulation of existing files.


Employing single and multi-colour Heidelberg machinery allows us to provide our clients an efficient, quality driven service at competitive rates. Castle Printing carries accounts with all major paper companies and can thus supply or match most papers (subject to availability).

Environmental Policy

At Castle Printing we have the environment in mind by using only soy or vegetable based inks, EMAS and ISO 14001 Environmentally accredited papers as our house stocks as well as water recycling techniques.